Disc Golf Poker Chip Game

Take disc golf to a new level while playing a round with your friends. This is a very competitive and fun game while throwing discs. You can play for money or just for fun.

The game comes with 20 style poker chips (10 green and 10 black), instructions sheet, and a draw string bag to keep your chips in.

The object of the game is to have as many green chips as possible by the end of the round. It is important to remember that each BLACK (bad) chip can be passed from golfer to golfer, this is the fun of the game. The first golfer that hits a shot that corresponds to the designation on the chip is given that chip. He holds onto that chip until someone else throws the same shot. The chip is then passed on to the next disc golfer that makes the same shot.

For example: When a golfer throws out of bounds they are given the out of bounds chi. If another golfer on the same hole, throws out of bounds then the chip is passed to the other golfer. Set a money amount for each chip. Let's say each chip is worth $.50. At the end of the round if you have a green chip all players pay you $.50 for each green chip you have. If you have a black chip, you will pay each player $.50 for each black chip you have.

The green chips are given when a disc golfer:

Throws an Eagle or an Ace

Makes 3 birdies in a row (Turkey)

Saves a par after going out of bounds (Hazard Save)

Has the closest to the pin (CTP) within 5 yards

Parked (when no throw is needed for the putt, your disc is just about under the basket) (You will probably get the CTP chip as well)

Chains out or hits the pole or any part of the basket on a tee shot (Broken Chains)

Makes a death putt (when you make a putt when there is a good chance of going out of bounds if you miss it)

Makes a putt outside the circle (Outside the 30 foot circle)

Has the longest drive (must be a long hole)

When a bad shot gets lucky and becomes a great shot (the Oh No! to Oh Yeah!)

The black chips are given when a disc golfer:

Throws out of bounds or in the water

Makes a double bogey or more

Misses a Putt inside the circle (within 30 feet of the basket)

3 Putts a hole

Grip locks a drive or yanks it

Drive goes less than 50 feet or so. ( Ex. when you BOINK it off a tree near the tee pad}

Throws out of turn (Not your tee pad or not the farthest out unless given permission to play)

Says “nice throw” at your opponent's throw and then hits a tree or something. Whoever says “nice throw or good shot” will get the Don't Nice’ Me Bro chip.

Misses a Putt that spins or chains out of the basket

Misses the Mando or an Island

New! Red Chip is a wild card chip. For example you can make it low round, high round, longest roller, lost disc, I found my partners disc, etc. It could be worth double or whatever you want. One side is blank so you can write what you want it to be if desired.

The Chip must be given to the opponent before the next hole begins. The chips can be won or lost throughout the round. For example, if you parked a disc on hole 18 and then your opponent also parks his disc on the next tee shot then your opponent gets the chip. The Chips are always rewarded on the last thrown disc.

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5 months ago

Go check out Robbie C video and a shoutout to the poker chip set game!


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