Full bag of USA Flag dyed discs multiple manufacturers

I have collected these discs over the last couple of years to have a matching bag, but I never use them anymore as I am afraid to lose one. That coupled with the fact I have 4 other bags to choose from, they just sit in the rack. Here is a list of what's included.

Dynamic Discs Freedom 14/5/-2/3
Innova Champion Mamba 11/6/-5/1
Lat64 Opto Sapphire 10/6/-2/1.5 not thrown
Discraft Z Avenger SS 10/5/-3/1
Dynamic Discs Vandal 9/5/-1.5/2 wiped stamp and not thrown
Dynamic Discs PP 3x Convict 9/4/-.5/3
Lat64 Wysocki Explorer 7/5/0/2
Innova Champion TL3 8/4/-1/1
Discraft Z Stalker 7/5/-1/2
Dynamic Discs Maverick 7/4/-1.5/2
Lat64 Opto Diamond 8/6/-3/1 not thrown
Discraft Z Archer 5/4/-4/1
Discraft Z Sol 4/5/-3/0
Dynamic Discs Evidence 5/5/-1/0
Discraft Z Buzzz 5/4/-1/1
Dynamic Discs Emac Truth 5/5/0/2 not thrown
Dynamic Discs Verdict 5/4/0/3.5
Discraft Z Zone 4/3/0/3 pre Paul
Dynamic Discs Warden 2/4/0/.5
Lat64 Origio Keystone Sharpie art flag

These discs are all in good shape with no major nicks or gouges. They do all have my name and number in them and most have been used for at least a few rounds. Despite there being a lot of negative numbers, these are all champion style plastic so they are more stable than indicated. The Buzzz is one of my favorites and flies perfect. The Zone is perfectly flat. Throw these in a new DD flag Paratrooper bag and you are all set to hit the course. If you have a bigger arm, you can currently buy a Sheriff or Raider in matching flag dye. I will not separate these, and would hope you just re- ink them and take them out and throw them. I will put some bubble wrap between the discs and they will be shipped in one box on my dime. Thanks for looking

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