discmania md3 wanted

175g-180g premium plastic willing to trade or buy

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17 days ago

I have a few. Do you have any Discmania you want to part with?

Pedro R

17 days ago

I have a md4

Andrew D

15 days ago

I have a blue 175g c-line pd that flies like new but has a few shallow marks that are visible from the top and has ink on the inside of the rim. Is your md3 new or used and if used how good of a condition is it and what is the wieght.

Andrew D

10 days ago

I also have a 8/10 condition s line fd


10 days ago

I’m sorry I just can’t part with a new MD3 for an FD or PD. Don’t use FD and have a lot of PD

Andrew D

3 days ago

ok i also have a c line fd3

max wieght

yellow with a stamp that has faded but it was an eagle mcmahon stamped fd3

9/10 condition flies very stable some slight scratches around edges and on flightplate

Andrew D

2 days ago

idk what you would be interested in but are some other stuff i have

I also have a first run evader and a first run gateway

ct glo jawbreaker wasp ledgestone edition

I have a really old run of a prodigy m2 with the old stamp but it does say 400 platsic not 400s plastic

barely thrown kc pro roc

Garret Gurthie tour series emporer

champ thunderbird

ricky wysocky destoyer and teebird3

cale leviska tour series m4

esp anax

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